Amazon sde 3 interview system design

Interviewing is time consuming, tiring, and a lot of work. But the reward for doing well is a full time job. Treat the whole process as a game and have a good time. It took me a long time to get an interview with Amazon and I have failed at the Microsoft interview process before so keep at it. How did I get two full time job offers from two great companies?

Amazon Interview Questions – Set 9 (For SDE 2)

The answer is: a lot of hard work and preparation. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are my own and not those of any past, present, or future employers. Also, your interview experience mileage may vary. Getting the interviews I started the full time job hunt before school started in September. Seeing as my girlfriend, Natalie, had a full time unaccepted offer from Amazon it was not hard for her to get me into the process there. Unfortunately it took a while to get the ball rolling but I did eventually get my first phone interview.

Now keep in mind, that prior to Natalie receiving her offer and getting me into their system and I had worked hard to be interviewed by Amazon. I never blogged about it, but I have hinted about it, but I interviewed with Microsoft in the Spring of for a program manager position. The reason I never blogged about it was because I never got past the phone screen.

It was a very depressing experience. I also submitted my resume in the bins at the co-op building in response to the full time posting on the just graduated version of Access. But what I really think secured my first interview at Microsoft was that I attended their info session here on campus and waited till everyone had harassed the recruiter and I then moved in.

To make my resume stand out I had circled all the relevant bits. Though she did make fun of me for circling them, but since it was the resume that all my interviewers later had in front of them, I consider the exercise to have been a successful one. I thought it might get the conversation rolling and it did. The conversation lasted about five minutes and felt quite gruelling. She even asked me to give her a 30 second pitch as to why Microsoft should hire me.

Moral of the story: You need a personal in or some sort of human contact. In addition to aggressively pursuing job interviews I also aggressively prepared for the job interviews I hoped I was going to get.

I prepared because I know other people prepare and I expected that employers likely expected candidates to be prepared. Now, why would someone who has a job at Amazon buy a book on interviews unless they were using it as a guide for conducting interviews?

Note, the book contains errors. I found at least one, and some of their solutions are not as elegant as they could be. So, do not memorize the answers.

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If you do get a question you know, tell the interviewer. So, I read both books cover to cover and did all the proposed exercises. I also visited a lot of interviewing websites. One I spent a lot of time at was Techinterview. For the two months leading up to my interviews every spare moment during the day and on the weekends was spent preparing.

I read a lot and I did a lot of problems. In fact during one power outage we got out the Mount Fuji book and we all worked through a couple problems by candle light. Initial interview screens But you can only prepare so long before you have to show that you have what it takes.

While what I really wanted to do was be a Program Manager, Amazon does not recruit technical candidates into that position straight out of college. On my interview wiki you can read all about my first Amazon phone interview which I felt went really well.

My second one did not go so well.Amazon recruited on campus at UMass over last fall and I was lucky enough to snag a spot after running into them at the career fair. The rep at the table quizzed me on some generic stuff, recording my answers what is the algorithmic complexity of the best comparison sort? The interviews are done over several days by 4 interviewers on campus. Each one lasts about 45 minutes. In the first interview, I am randomly assigned to one of the interviewers.

I was not asked very challenging questions, but we briefly went over my resume and he described his engineering department and product. I got a call later that evening inviting me back to the second round of interviews all 3 of them. At this point it is obvious the first acts essentially as a screener.

The next day, another interviewer repeated the process, talking about his product and gently bashing Microsoft a former employer of his. I had to talk about the difference between a linked list and an array, and when I might use one over the other. For some reason the topic wandered over to the trie data structure, and the interviewer asked if this was something regularly taught at UMass, because it was a generally exotic structure.

I answered no,since in fact I simply stumbled on it the day before while comparing notes with other interviewees! My third interview was with the bar raiser. He is tasked with ensuring that the average talent at Amazon trends up instead of down.

I got a call literally the same night, inviting me to a dinner sponsored by Amazon in the next few days. But in general one can assume that a followup phone call after going through a loop as opposed to an email is a very good sign. InterviewsSoftware. Jun 09, By pcai. This needs to be linear time, and it is basically the only thing I needed to nail. He is also checking to see how familiar I am with coding; I am only given pen and paper to sketch out the algorithm. Describe a tree and write a few traversal methods.

Find the least common ancestor of two nodes. The tricky one: Given an array of integers and another integer X, find if a pair in the array sums to X. This is actually a modified subset-sum problem, but it can be reduced to polynomial time by using a hash. If not, add the number to the hash and check the next number. How do you detect if a linked list forms a loop? Unable to change the data structure, the next most obvious solution is to use a hash to track which nodes have been seen.

This results in O n time and space. This was the hardest question of all the interviews: Given an array of integers, write a function to find the maximum number that can be obtained by summing up a continuous subsequence.

The tricky part is firstly realizing that you cannot start your sum at 0, because if all the numbers in the list are negative, then your final answer will be wrong because you will incorrectly return 0 as the largest sum. Secondly, encountering a negative number does not necessarily mean you should terminate the sequence, because it could still be part of the record sum.

I struggled with this until he nudged me to the answer: the sum must be restarted whenever the running sum goes negative. Tricky question. My fourth interviewer dealt almost entirely with design questions. We started off slow: code a factorial function and analyze its complexity.

There are multiple approaches to optimization but I decided to memoize since it is a simple time-for-space tradeoff and is easy to conceptualize. The bulk of the interview involved designing a versioned filesystem in UML diagrams and explaining how it supported the requirements.

The first requirement I was given was to make the versioning completely transparent, which I did by using redirectors to wrap the real filesystem objects.

Amazon Interview Experience for SDE 2 (3 years Experienced)

He kept piling on more minutiae, seemingly unsatisfied. Finally, he asked me how to support multiple concurrent branches at the same time, and I understood what he was getting at: he wanted me to make my system recursive!Design a voting system. Every user will be able to choose from a fixed list of options. If the user has already voted the system should not let them to vote a second time.

Additional constraint: only the first K votes are accepted. If the quota is exceeded any attempt to vote should be rejected. I need your thoughts how to proceed. At any point of timean admin should be able to know 1. How many people at each floor wise 3. If he chooses any cons room, he must be able to fetch how many people in that conf room at that time. This normally used for any kind of evacuation etc I tried with http protocolbut interviewer said http is over killhe hints on some IoT communication etc.

I was asked to integrate linkedIn and dropbox. So linkedIn is not into file storage system, hence they want to use the services of dropbox. The goal is to create, update, delete the documents of a profile in linkedIn. But these documents will not be stored in linkedIn. They will be stored in dropbox.

Moreover, to get this integration, linkedIn does not want to scale up they system. This means, if they have servers, they do not want to add any more servers to achieve the integration. How can I design this? Design a system to upload images with tags. The tags should be searchable and search should return images linked to those tags. Design a vending machine with following functionalities Three types of Users : User, Operator, Admin User can select and buy multiple items at a time.

He can also do window shopping see only the prices of items and buy nothing Operator can load the items and mark the items as expired if needed, gets notified if a product goes out of stock. Admin can own multiple vending machines, he should have a analytics report of the items purchased in a month.

He can also change the prices directly and it should reflect in all the vending machines which he owns.

amazon sde 3 interview system design

Design a job workflow system wherein a job is defined as sequence of steps. This system will take jobs and execute as per the steps in job. The steps can be conditional if this then do this else do that. This system should be able to handle multiple jobs, should be fault tolerant etc. Design a workflow system. Essentially, the interviewer was looking completely manage workflow system using database. But result needs to be accurate and realtime.

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Design a Scheduler Service which can handle high throughput with minimal latency. Should be fault-tolerant and distributed. Parking lot problem: Given 3-dimensional parking lot, lets say, length width and floor. Example, 3, 4, 2 is preferred over 1, 1, 3 as floor is 2 in first case.

Design gaming platform. A number of games can be hosted on this platform. User can login and select a particular game. Design Meeting calendar system.Hi, This is Pandu. About 1 month back I had attended Amazon Interview In Hyderabad, it was total of 8 rounds which includes 2 telephonic and 6 face to face and the whole process was lasted about 25 days because of unavailability of all the interviewers.

I was interviewed for SDE 2 position. The following are the questions: For all the algorithmic questions, working code is required, they would take those papers and discuss in their internal meeting after all the rounds.

amazon sde 3 interview system design

Telephonic Round 1 with Lead developer : Q1 Given a snake and ladder gamewrite a function that returns the minimum number of jumps to take top or destination position.

You can assume the die you throws results in always favor of you. Telephonic Round 2 with SDE 1 : after 5 days of 1st telephonic Q1 Given an integer array and an integer value X, return two elements in that array such that sum of them equals to X. For Hash map solutionHe was looking for getting solution in only one pass Q2 discussion about my project details and challenging task Q3 suddenly you web application has become very slow on clicking particular URL.

How would you debug it and solve the problem. Face to Face round 1 with SDE 1 : after 4 days of 2nd telephonic. Q1 Given a sorted array and a number write a method that returns the number of occurances of given number Q2 You have given a dictionary of an alien language in which letters are same as English letters but their order is different.

He asked to implement spring container. Q2 Implement LRU caching. After that asked me two different cases 1 required element is already in chase2 required element in not in cache and cache is full Had to explain those two cases by walking through your code.

Q3 You are given a faulty binary serach tree in which only 2 nodes are misplaced swapped their positions with each other. Q2 Design Elevator system. And then write an algorithm for that Design such that, the user request should be completed in logN time in a N story building with M elevators, This round was lasted more than 2 hours. Face to Face Round 5 With Bar Raiser : same day following Hiring manager interview Q1 Discussion about my project and Challenging task Q2 Design Question: In an online teaching system,there are n number of teachers and each one teaches only one subject to any number of students.

And a student can join to any number of teachers to learn those subjects. And each student can give one preference throuch which he can get updates about the subject or class timings etc. Design above system and draw the diagram for above. Q3 coding and algorithm: There is a N-ary tree in the 3d Space.

Print the only those nodes when you looked at that tree. He would not tell this, you have to conclude this by drawing a tree like that.

amazon sde 3 interview system design

After writing the code for above one, he was asked me to print them in an order in which 1st one followed be last one followed by 2nd first one followed by snd last one. Face to Face Round 6 some one who is in very high level, guess director to a technology : After 1 week of last interview Q1 Lots of discussion on my current project.

Different behavioral questions were asked during the discussion. Now you dipped that cube in a black color paint and taken out. Prove your answer by writing mathematical equations Q3 There are N bolts each of which different size and N nuts, they are also with different sizes.

Give an algorithm that combines those N bolts and nuts into N pairs of Matched bolt and nut. HR told me on last interview day that I would be notified by the result within two working days as already the whole process was delayed for so many days. I was almost lost hope. I guess, They were not completely satisfied by in design part but I did better in algos, problem solving and coding part and as a result I was offered SDE 1.

In the end I rejected to join at Amazon as I got another competitive offer. This article is compiled by Pandu. If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article and mail your article to contribute geeksforgeeks. See your article appearing on the GeeksforGeeks main page and help other Geeks. Write your Interview Experience or mail it to contribute geeksforgeeks. Writing code in comment?This is the second post about how to design Youtube.

In the last postwe mainly talked about database and storage. Read More. One of the most common types of system design interview questions is to design an existing popular system. Part of the reason is that the question is usually general enough so that there are a lot of areas to discuss. In addition, if candidates are generally curious enough, they are more likely to explore how existing products are designed.

It starts with a simple question — if you are building a website, how do you count the number of visitors for the past 1 minute? A couple of topics are discussed including basic data structures design, various optimization, concurrency and distributed counter. This is the second post of Design eCommerce Website series posts. To briefly remind you what we have discussed in the previous post, we started with the data model design for an eCommerce website. Although relational database is the most common approach, we notice that NoSQL database like MongoDB provides a lot of advantages and flexibilities when building an eCommerce website.

To scale the system, concurrency is one of the key factors to consider. Over the past couple of weeks, a lot of people requested us to discuss eCommerce website. Not only has this topic been asked in quite a lot system design interviews, but also eCommerce websites are so popular today that a lot of techniques and researches are developed for it.

First of all, building an eCommerce website requires things like database design, system availability, concurrency consideration and so on so forth.

System Design Interview Questions

In addition, everyone has used some eCommerce website like Amazon. If you are generally curious about surroundings, you should have already thought about this topic. This is the second post of Design a Garbage Collection System series. It allows developers care less about memory management and write more robust code. On the flip side, it may affect the performance and provide less flexibility when working with memory.

Our system design interview series gets a lot of feedback in the past couple of months. Not only is garbage collection system widely used in many modern programming languages, the same idea can adapt to other areas as well. Web crawlers are one of the most common used systems nowadays. The most popular example is that Google is using crawlers to collect information from all websites.

Besides search engine, news websites need crawlers to aggregate data sources. It seems that whenever you want to aggregate a large amount of information, you may consider using crawlers. This is the second post of Design a Key-Value Store series posts. In our previous post, we mostly focus on the basic concepts of key-value store, especially the single machine scenario. When it comes to scaling issues, we need to distribute all the data into multiple machines by some rules and a coordinator machine can direct clients to the machine with requested resource.

A key-value store is a very power technique that is used in almost every system in the world. It can be as simple as a hash table and at the same time, it can also be a distributed storage system. For instance, the underline system of Cassandra is a key-value storage system and Cassandra is widely used in many companies like Apple, Facebook etc.

Interview coaching from Googlers!Last Updated on February 22nd, Amazon is an American multinational technology company that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. As per Amazon official website, Amazon is employingpeople across world withemployees at US offices. In this article we will share the insights of Amazon interview process, both for fresher as well for experienced professional.

Amazon regularly recruits from top colleges and off campus drive for entry level position. The following rounds are conducted:. Check out Xamnation mock interview online pack. The first round of applying to Amazon is search relevant job and applies to that.

For that you need to go to Amazon Jobs portal, and search relevant jobs by location, business category, job category or keywords. Click apply now for jobs matching your candidature. Amazon only accept CV and no cover letter.

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Make sure you fill in a brief description of your background, experience with dates of employmenteducational achievements and skills.

These are important and if you leave than unfilled, your candidature will be out rightly rejected. You will be contacted by HR only when hiring manager feel your profile matching the job. Once your resume is selected by Amazon hiring manager, you will be contacted by Amazon HR and your telephonic round is set up.

You need to make sure you are well thorough with technical as well Amazon culture and values before picking the interview call. During telephone round, there are mainly 2 processes on which you will be judged. Once you clear your telephonic round, you will be asked to come to Amazon office for personal interview.

You will be informed about location via email well in advance. Behavior interview round is based on type of questions which ask on past challenges and situations handled during professional environment. These situations are taken from your CV and past roles.

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Amazon follow STAR methodology to structurally evaluate all behavior types questions. Here are the key elements in STAR methodology. So, based on given situation and a task, what action you took and how did it impacted result. All your questions in behavior round will be evaluated based on this only. Technical interview process is most important at Amazon. You will asked on range of topics.

You may also be required to appear for technical test in this round. Candidate will have to perform coding and system design exercises on a whiteboard or write a code on laptop.

One important thing is candidate need to be familiar with prominent languages and tool. For example, even if your background is from Php, you can apply to Amazon. Amazon is one of the top companies to work in India, US and other location. Though Amazon interview process is long and difficult, you can well prepare it in advance on technical round and behavior round, to make it smooth sailing. Do check xamnation online courses here.

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Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Skip to content Last Updated on February 22nd, About Amazon Amazon is an American multinational technology company that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. Glassdoor summary of Amazon interview process for Hyderabad location Source: Glassdoor Amazon interview process for fresher Amazon regularly recruits from top colleges and off campus drive for entry level position.Sign Up using.

Log In using. Toggle navigation. Scaler New Practice Referrals Contests. InterviewBit Academy is now Scaler Academy! InterviewBit was pretty much my only resource for data structures and algorithms. Two months of timed interview questions and you get used to being under pressure. Editorial answers help you improve your coding style. The questions are organized logically, so that once you have finished it, you can be sure you have covered all necessary topics. Cracking tech interviews became cake walk after solving questions on InterviewBit.

Just 30 minutes on the site every day will help you tremendously. The problems here are very similar to those you will be asked interviewing for tech companies and the structure of InterviewBit really facilitates learning. If you want a software engineering position, there is no better way to prepare than using InterviewBit. I will recommend InterviewBit to get an extra edge over other candidates.

5 Tips for System Design Interviews

Programming problems are maintained and extremely up to date. Practicing on interviewbit really helped me in cracking Amazon's interview. It covers all the topics and subtopics of Data Structures and Algorithms with famous problems asked in interviews, in a particular order which ensures that one doesn't skip any prerequisite for next topic.

InterviewBit was one of the most useful resources I used, and would recommend to anyone preparing for interview or willing to improve programming skills. Really looking forward for other topics such as Databases, Operating Systems to be included. Amazon's Interview Process Coding interviews which focus on basic problem solving and data structures. The less experienced you are, the more the number of coding rounds for you.

This round might be scrapped for you if you are interviewing for an entry level software engineering role. In depth knowledge of previous tech used is paramount here.

An optional bar raiser round which is a combination of all of the above. The idea is here to judge if you are technically better than an average person in a particular Amazon team.

Where to Prepare Coding rounds: Material in the programming section of InterviewBit is pretty comprehensive. For your reference, the section below has some of the questions which are frequently asked in Amazon's Interview. Make sure to try and solve most of them.

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Design rounds: InterviewBit System Design prep has you covered here. Make sure to go through some frequently asked interview problems listed on the page. Cultural fit rounds: In most cases, this should not be an issue.